Five work approved sneakers for men

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Casual days at the office don’t need to be a holiday from looking good with these stylish options.

This is how you tell fashion neophytes from seasoned sartorial pros. Men who are new to the game think that style means dressing up; men who are on top of their game know that style means looking good even when you’re dressed down. These five work-approved sneakers will have you mastering the subtle art of dressing down, even when you’re slogging through a stack of paperwork at the office.

  1. Converse Jack Purcell CP

John Edward “Jack” Purcell, a Canadian world champion badminton player and stockbroker, designed a canvas and rubber badminton sneaker for the B.F. Goodrich Company of Canada in 1935. Converse purchased the trademark rights to Jack Purcell sneakers in the 1970s, and continues to produce them today. Note the shoe’s signature “smile” across the toe.

Price: $89.99

Lanvin two-tone suede and patent-leather sneakers

Lanvin’s couture sneaker game is always on point. The two-tone suede and patent-leather sneakers blend a subtle navy suede body with black patent leather trim and a

Pick the right shirt and tie combinations for the office

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Many men seem stuck in a workwear rut: coerced into a safe coloured tie and white shirt combo, because you don’t want to look too high fashun to your peers.

For others, rebellion against the bore has resulted in a neon tie with noisy patterned shirt collaboration that is more sickly than it is sweet

Here’s our guide to shirt and tie combos that will knock ’em dead at the next boardroom meeting.

1. Colour contrast

Shirts in sky blue are very much corporate cool these days. In recent years, light pink too. The best news? Both these pastels are the official colours for 2016, and we’ve selected them as the key hues for this article.

Let’s start by wearing pale pink or light blue shirts and using contrasting tie colours.

Contrasting colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. So when wearing blue, look to orange, red or yellow but in a muted versions (no tangerine, please) so the shades are more burned orange, burgundy and mustard or gold.

Pink? Well, the pastel shirt is feminine no more with a masculine navy tie (pink’s contrast colour on

making Diesel cool again

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Have you heard of Nicola Formichetti? He might be the coolest man on the planet right now.

Diesel’s maverick artistic director is in Australia for the first time for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Welcome to Diesel World exhibition with his boss, the brand’s multi-billionaire

I want to make Diesel the coolest brand on the planet again,” Formichetti tells Executive Style, as he sucks on a cigarette looking like on off-duty rock star in the VAMFF Plaza.The superstylist and designer has had a meteoric rise from working at UK magazine Dazed & Confused to a high-profile creative partnership with megastar Lady Gaga. He was the brains behind some of the singer’s most avant-garde looksLittle wonder Rosso picked him to revive Diesel’s fortunes by upping the brand’s flagging hip factor.

Diesel power

No one at Diesel is afraid to admit that after decades as one of the world’s most aspirational ‘anti-fashion’ brands, it somehow lost its mojo. “We became too big,” says Formichetti. “We were the coolest brand and then we expanded so big in the 2000s, and were very successful and [Diesel] was

What should be select in fabrics for sherwanis?

A sherwani is among the most preferred attire for Indian males, especially grooms. The sherwani is usually a long garment, buttoned upto the collar, adding a certain charm to men who wear it. Here are some essential factors to be considered to ensure that the male chooses the one ideal for him: Fabric, Design and styles, Budget and last but not the least, the color.

Why fabric is important while picking up a sherwani:

Sherwanis are manufactured by using avariety of materials and fabrics to fit several looks, weather, and changing style trends. The fabric that is used for a wedding is usually exotic and expensive and similarly, not every wedding sherwani is manufactured with a rich quality fabric. It’s thus necessary for a groom (and in that matter an individual preparing for any other special occasion) to consider fabrics as well as the materials used in the sherwani before picking up a random one to buy. Experts from the fashion worldsuggest that a careful research ought to be conducted and to determine the available fabrics for the desired sherwani and then to pick the one that suits the best, the one that falls within budget and appears

Why thongs are wrong

Spring is upon us, and the time fast approaching to bust out your warm weather wardrobe. Ahead of that liberating moment, there is a disturbing matter I’d like you to give some thought to.

At the risk of being labelled un-Australian, I hate thongs. Or flip-flops. Or jandals, if you’re from New Zealand. No matter what you call them, they’re an example of something utterly horrible that has taken over society to the detriment of its health. Like the Kardashians, twerking and reality television.

As I was preparing to write this, a friend actually felt the need to intervene: “Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, these are kind of cultural icons for Australia.”

Yeah … well, I checked the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs and they’re not listed. Phar Lap, koalas, Akubra hats and even Vegemite are all considered national icons. But not thongs. In fact, the only thongs in that whole scenario were the ones on my friend’s feet. Which he had worn to a restaurant.

And that right there, I think, is my primary gripe with these flimsy, flaccid and fetid bits of rubber.


The best places to buy men s shoes

My sister always told me growing up that “women always look at a man’s shoes”. It turns out she’s not as silly as I look. From dress shoes to work wear and dancefloor specials, we’ve picked out our top shoe shops in Melbourne, Sydney and elsewhere. These are your best bets when it comes to getting some quality tread on your toes.

Shoes for work

. Lloyd ($$)

If you’re a businessman with business needs, Lloyd should be high on your list. German-made and built to last, Lloyd shoes include contemporary and classic collections that will fit perfectly with suits of all descriptions. Stay away from anything square toed, and instead get yourself a nice cap-toe Oxford or brogue to spice up that work attire. They last, which is why I’m putting them in first. Located in both Melbourne and Sydney.

McCloud Shoes ($$$)

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, McCloud Shoes is perfect for the older gentleman who prefers traditional dress/work shoes. Don’t be fooled, though, because McCloud also has some cool Loake shoes for the younger gent. Expect to pay around $500 for a pair, but rest assured that your feet are in

Why your good shoes deserve shoe trees

Quality dress shoes are expensive, but they can last decades — especially if they are cared for properly.

That’s where shoe trees come in. Some men look at the wooden shoe inserts as an unnecessary purchase, but shoe trees are crucial to keeping great shoes in amazing shape as they age.

Why shoe trees?

Our feet sweat throughout the day, and the leather and lining of our shoes absorb all that moisture. This can cause the lining to rot, your shoes to stink, and the leather to crack over time, thereby ruining expensive footwear.

A shoe tree holds a shoe in its proper shape so it dries out correctly, and keeps the leather from cracking by wicking away moisture. The absorbent wood also helps dry out the lining of shoes so that they don’t rot from the inside out.

Long story short: Shoe trees are a whole lot cheaper than a new pair of nice shoes, and will keep your current pair in excellent condition for years.

How much to pay?

Not all shoe trees are created equal. There are three tiers of shoe trees, as well as travel shoe trees:

Mountain boots function meets fashion

It’s probably time you tracked some new winter footwear. Sure, you could buy yet another pair of desert boots (seriously folks, put ’em to rest. They’re done).

Or, why not give their hardwearing bigger brother a bash – the mountain boot.

I know what you’re thinking – why invest in a pair of shoes made specifically for the perilous trails of Kathmandu when the worst thing you’re likely to encounter is an uneven footpath?

(It’s worth noting that if we all thought like this, inner city suburbs would be populated with Smart cars and Vespas instead of the ubiquitous Vaucluse/Toorak tractors, and finding a parking spot would be so much easier. Not good for my argument, I’ll concede.)

Unfeasible comfort

Aside from the fact that they give your standard jeans and jumper a more relaxed and utilitarian look, they’re also unfeasibly comfortable. Plus, a standard boot is designed to withstand any number of elemental catastrophes that could come its way. The thick leather frequently used is likely to be pretty much waterproof, meaning they manage to not only remain looking brand new if you happen to get caught in a downpour, but also

White sneakers are back with a vengeance

If you’re clumsy with canapés or have two left feet, perhaps it’s best to have your dry-cleaner on speed dial, because unless you’re all right wearing all white, the warmer months are not going to be easy.

  • Find more stories on men’s style

White jeans, suits, jumpers, dresses and swimwear are going to be the look du jour for spring and summer for men – thanks to Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren – and women, courtesy of Toni Maticevski and Chanel.

However, it is the white sneaker which will be the dark horse of summer dressing. Yes, Jerry Seinfeld – man of the dad jean and white sneaker combo – is officially a fashion icon. Seinfeld sported a vast collection of white Nikes during Seinfeld’s nine-year run, mainly Air Tech Challenge IIs (first made famous by Andre Agassi) and rare Air Jordan VIs.

Hero worship

During his Ask Me Anything session on Reddit earlier this year, Seinfeld explained the look’s origin.

“It started with wanting to be Joe Namath of the 1969 New York Jets, who at the time was one of the only football players to wear white shoes. And

Andrea Artioli shoemaker to the stars

It’s fair to say that George W. Bush and the late Saddam Hussein had very little in common. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin don’t see eye-to-eye, either – except when it comes to their brand of shoe.

Artioli is the luxury Italian footwear label with a VIP customer list others can only envy. Donald Trump apparently buys 25 pairs each year, Pope John Paul II is resting for eternity in his. Nicolas Sarkozy appears a little taller next to wife Carla thanks to some special Artioli heels. In Australia, proud wearers include Simon Crean and Andrew Peacock

Andrea Artioli, 45, the grandson of the company’s founder, says 30-something men are becoming more interested in the brand, sold exclusively in Australia at Harrolds in Sydney and Melbourne.

Yes, especially this younger generation, they appreciate the high quality of our shoes, because they are connoisseurs of the good taste that the world can offer,” Artioli says.

“My father used to say to me that the older generation in Australia was not spending that much on fashion, on their wardrobe, but this new generation changed it. They have a vision about the beauty, how to dress. If

Kanye West Yeezy sneakers draw huge bids on eBay

Sneaker-heads and Kanye West fans are losing their minds over West’s newest sneaker drop: the Kanye West x Adidas Originals Yeezy 750 Boost.

The sneaker, which was the star of West’s otherwise lacklustre Yeezy New York Fashion Week show, dropped the day after the show at a retail price of $US350 ($450).

They quickly sold out both in stores and online. Now they’re going for much more than that on eBay.

Thousands of dollars

Auctions for the shoe are ending with a final selling price of three to five times what the sneakers originally sold for. Some of the more desirable sizes are even selling for more than $US2000.

This kind of hype isn’t new for a West-designed sneaker — though it is new for Adidas. This is his first collaboration with the sportswear manufacturer after his deal with Nike fell through in 2013 over royalty concerns, according to the New York Daily News.

The price gouging online comes after a very rocky launch of the sneaker, which was planned to occur in three stages, website Complex noted. The first launch used an app-based reservation system that only worked within New York

Chris Hemsworth s top tips for stylish men

Chris Hemsworth may be one of the biggest movie stars on the planet at the moment, but the stylish actor is still as Aussie as they come.

Whether it’s on a Los Angeles red carpet or down at his local beach in Byron Bay, the Hollywood heartthrob exudes an effortless style. And – perhaps fittingly – in a typical Australian way, he’s understated in his advice to men who want to replicate his look.

I’d say ‘be comfortable’, that’d be my thing,” Hemsworth told Executive Style at a TAG Heuer cocktail event in Sydney where he was unveiled as a new global ambassador for the Swiss watchmaker.

Comfort is king

“It’s got to be what you’re comfortable in. There’s been plenty of times I’ve been dressed up in something nice and it’s not quite my thing – and it doesn’t look right.”

The Thor star said the other key ingredient in helping him stay fit and healthy is “clean living”.

“Nothing processed, eat organic when you can – if it comes out of a packet it’s usually not the best thing for you. Fruit and veg, meat and proteins; all the obvious stuff we learn at school which we forget conveniently.

“I think everyone looks

The latest men s suit trends

Stop holding your gut in and pour a celebratory beer. Those uncomfortable, skinny-fitting suits that make you walk like Tony Abbott after a triathlon are about to be retired to the back of the wardrobe – for at least the next seven years, anyway.

If the Fall 2016 fashion shows from Europe and the US are anything to go by, things appear to be loosening up a tad.

Stripes are also making a comeback, with John Varvatos going so far as to cover the catwalk in striped fabric. Tom Ford has also welcomed back pinstripes, Prince of Wales checks, and waistcoats with fob chains. And Gucci decided we’ll all be wearing ‘botanical’ suits.

The latest looks

Robin McGowan, co-founder of made-to-measure tailor Institchu, says the super-slim look is no longer in fashion. “This year we’re already seeing a move away from this cut as men begin to embrace a more relaxed suit,” he says. “They will still be slim fitted, but certainly not skin tight. And in line with the slightly looser fit, we’ll also be seeing wider lapels and longer jackets and pants.”

McGowan also says a more subdued colour palette will be evident this year.

Why do people queue for days to buy adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers

Lining up to be the first to purchase consumer goods is a particularly strange modern phenomenon.

You may have read about a Japanese blogger named Yoppy who camped out in front of an Apple store to secure an iPhone 6, a full seven months prior to release. Thankfully Yoppy eventually came to his senses and went home to have a Bex and a good lie down.

Not so, Lindsay Handmer, the tech entrepreneur who waited 18 days outside Apple’s flagship Sydney store for the iPhone 6S. Or Lucy Kelly, who left her avatar (a robot) waiting fourth in line at the same launch.

So far, nobody has brought their robot to the re-release of adidas’s Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers, which go on sale on Friday morning at Australian retailers including Sneakerboy’s three boutiques in Sydney and Melbourne.

However, punters have been lining up for days to secure a pair of the coveted black Yeezy Boost 350s, after hearing about them on Instagram.

The Yeezy line is designed by narcissistic rapper Kanye West. Sneakerboy Sydney will be allocated just 18 pairs, Melbourne CBD 23 pairs, and 15 pairs for Chadstone Melbourne.

First come,

Luxury sneakers the biggest trend in men s style

Right now there is no bigger trend in men’s style than luxury sneakers. And with many versions crossing dress code lines, plenty of men are ditching the dress shoes for them.

While events like last week’s camp-outs to buy a pair of Adidas Yeezys designed by rapper Kanye West don’t do much to quell the cynicism that surround the world of designer sneakers, on the catwalks of Europe high-end kicks have never been more prominent.

The recent Paris Fashion Week was no exception. French luxury giant Hermès led the way by presenting half of all looks for its 2016 fall men’s wear collection in sneakers. Combined predominantly with a tailored look, the sought-after effect is known as ‘high-low’ dressing and is all about interweaving street style and high fashion, for the purpose of taking the latter down a rung or two

Searching high and low

But the last thing luxury labels want to take down, even a single rung, are the prices, which can easily jump into four figures.

As Guy Trebay from the New York Times wrote last month about the uber luxury design houses: “A problem develops when, instead of being reasonably

how to get Harvey Specter s immaculate style

When it comes to no-nonsense, straight-up-and-down power dressing for serious wheeling and dealing, Harvey Specter is unquestionably your man.

The hard-nosed lawyer and corporate teeth-kicker in the TV series Suits wears a finely tailored Tom Ford three-piece like it’s a suit of armour.

Impeccably groomed and chisel-jawed, opponents are on the back foot even before he reels off the first of his trademark put-downs.

Interviewing such a figure would be imposing indeed so we’re thankful to be meeting his alter ego, Gabriel Macht.

Sporting a beard and wearing a loosely buttoned navy shirt, grey flannel chinos, matching desert boots and a number of colourful bracelets, Macht is in almost every way the polar opposite to his most famous character.

Harvey Specter has been immortalised in hundreds of Instagram accounts where his boyish looks, sharp style and quick wit are dissected and canonised with an almost evangelical fervour.

Lofty role models

That Specter is regarded as a style icon comes as no surprise. Suits has just shown its fifth season on cable television and a sixth is in planning. A mix of cut-throat legal manoeuvring and witty interaction between its main protagonists, ensured

Luxury sneakers are a blue chip investment

The sneaker seduction phenomenon has rocked the world of late, and even surprised the global economy, as the American branded footwear market kicks on to a cool US$1billion. However, it’s the reselling of these sneakers that has become seriously big business.

Retailers are cottoning on to just how profitable it can be by accumulating models of small, popular production lines and flipping them for sometimes quadruple the original price.

Towards the end of 2015, the data gurus at Campless crunched the numbers on the world’s most valuable sneaks and came up with a top 10 that reads like a sneakerhead’s wish list. The highest and mightiest honour went, rather unsurprisingly, to the Yeezy 750 Boost Triple black high-top, at a cool $US1876 ($2570). It’s no secret that Kanye’s collab with Adidas has made a huge impact on the market and is already continuing its juggernaut surge well into 2016 (watch the video below).

Move over Yeezy

If having the coolest treads on the block, like the Yeezys, is not your style – but you’re still after weekend wears that are as comfortable as possible without losing any masculine style appeal – then you’ll be

Sci fi inspires next trend in menwsear

With the sci-fi movie genre being a favourite particularly among men, the scenario of wearing a one-piece uni-tard to work within 20 years is a scary reality. The fashion film The Next Black outlines the very real future of tech, wearing fabric being created now that assesses our physical abilities.

At London Collections Men this year, starlight-enhanced collections from various designers appeared galactic, so much did they outshine any comic-con event. Versace went back in time with the soundtrack from Space Oddity from the late David Bowie, and Calvin Klein peppered the menswear collection with metallic madness. Sci-fi was so prominent at LC:M that it made you look at your kitchen foil roll differently.

We have lift off

Whatever your preference in this forward-thinking trend, the rule of thumb is to not overdo it. Your intent is to appeal to the cutting-edge side of fashion with know-how, and elegance not fancy dress.

Galactic genius is easy to attain in all facets of your stylish life. From home to hair, shoes to underwear, the offering is shining at you from digital stores to big retailers.

Here’s our odyssey inspiration to give you an idea

Mankles dominate men s show at Melbourne Fashion Festival

If one trend abounded in men’s fashion at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, it was this: it’s all about the mankles.

Man ankles, in all their forms (hairy, smooth, tanned, pale, a slight sliver of skin between trouser and shoe versus a continent of flesh that encompassed ankle and calf) hit the catwalk running, pun intended.

They were everywhere, in virtually every designer-for-men’s collection, even when you didn’t expect them (even when the model was wearing boots! Even among the audience members!). Gentlemen, heed the following: throw your socks away, and roll up your pants.

The unfinished touch

To the uninitiated, it’s a rather unfinished touch, and one at odds with the overall theme of Friday night’s GQ Australia Menswear Runway show, which VAMFF CEO Graeme Lewsey described as “a million dollar gentleman’s club …  it was really sleek, really polished, sharp and on trend.”

Certainly, there was a James Bond-esque vibe to the six-designer show – if Bond was shaken, stirred and styled by a street blogger who had access to a trust fund.

Calling Colonel Mustard

Arthur Galan AG – after hitting tough times – relaunched a menswear

How to have the best shoes in the room

The right shoe speaks volumes about how you view yourself and your approach to dressing,” says Adam Derrick, the founder of men’s shoe brand To Boot New York.

Derrick is passionate (and right, of course) about shoes. More and more, he argues, men are now getting dressed from their feet up.

A great shoe will elevate a blah casual look – and will be the right accent to the most curated outfit,” he says.

Derrick started his footwear empire in New York City’s Upper West Side as a cowboy boot outpost in 1979 and has since quietly built one of the best-selling footwear collections in better men’s stores, such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

His secret is satisfied, loyal customers who spread the To Boot gospel, rather than celebrity endorsements and overpriced advertising campaigns.

We turned to Derrick for advice on how to maintain a great leather shoe-and how to build a collection of impressive, memorable pairs

Shop for quality over quantity (and shop Italian)

According to Derrick, the average American man owns somewhere close to 12 pairs of shoes. But he doesn’t necessarily think most men need that many if they are being smart about their purchases.

Fifty ways to wear a classic black suit

The black suit can easily be forgotten – shafted for a hipper blue suit, or a stylish grey number in windowpane check or sleek charcoal. Yet, in a menswear world obsessed with the new and the bold, a well-tailored suit – in black – is a sure-fire way to looking chic among a sea of navy, light grey and beige suits.

Not to mention, black goes with everything. And it’s slimming. A triple win, really. To help you out, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite street, celebrity and lookbook shots, which showcase the very best in black suits. With a plethora of men working black this season – from the office, to weddings, to that all-important first date, black is certainly worth a look when deciding what suit to wear today.

The rules for wearing a black suit

  1. Styling should be kept simple but varied on the occasion. Formal or black tie events look best with a classic white dress shirt, with a bow tie or long tie in woven silk.
  2. An all-black outfit can look sharp and slick, especially for the party season. Start by contrasting the textures between individual pieces, creating depth and